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Scaling brick textures.
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August 01, 2012, 05:42:47 AM
I often find that brick textures placed on a wall are a bit of a nightmare when rendered.  A few basic steps can help 'most of the time', allowing for sketchup gremlins that is.

Step one, place the brick texture you want to use on ONE wall and place a 'box' around ONE brick on that wall (Picture 1).

Step two, using the ruler tool, mark out the dimensions correct for the style of brick you are using with that box (Picture 2).

Step three, select and scale the single brick to the ruler marks (Picture 3).

Step four, Use the paint dropper to select the texture inside the box and paint it on the other faces you want that texture on.  Soften the vertical lines making up the walls and you are done.  Should look like the example in picture 4.

A few steps to a better looking wall and brick texture.
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