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Two Wishes
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* November 28, 2012, 03:00:56 AM
I have just started using Renditioner Pro 3 and have come up against two difficulties both of which are proving rather frustrating. So I am putting them onto my wish list here.

Both have been mentioned before by other users some time ago but since nothing has changed (I think) I shall pour fuel on the embers.

1) The navigation controls are almost uncontrollably violent in the Renditioner window. This applies to mouse, trackpad and Wacom A4. They are fine in Sketchup itself and in all other apps and when navigating the OS. The problem exists only in the Renditioner window. Having to change mouse setting each time I drop in and out of the Renditioner window or struggle with ludicrously coarse controls is the kind of irritation which accumulates. I notice that I am not the only person to have mentioned this difficulty. As they very reasonably pointed out, this is a specifically Sketchup utility - it would be good if the navigation was comparable in feel.

2) Please can you introduce the ability to render only the model against transparency? Or at least provide a clipping path in the 2D file. Since the backgrounds are added by Renditioner I cannot believe that it can be that hard to remove them and render without. Of course I can render against white or black or a strong colour that isn't present in the model and use Photoshop or a dedicated Blue/Green screen app to remove it. On simple models this is fine but on complex ones it can be very time consuming and is not always satisfactory where fine details are involved .......... and, quite frankly, it shouldn't really be necessary. The lack of this could soon eventually send me elsewhere for renders which would be shame when all the rest is so good. Once again, I see that I am not the first ask for this.

On re-reading the above it sounds a bit aggressive. Please forgive me. That is absolutely not my intention. This is an excellent and simple renderer that could, particularly if No 2 were implemented, take a very important role in my work flow. I am absolutely delighted with all other aspects of it.

It's always the tiny problems that drive us mad :)

David Macdonald
Director of Photography

MacPro OSX 2x Quad core. 16 GB. 2 x Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT, 2560 x 1600 & 1920 x 1080 Monitors. OS X 10.8.2
Sketchup 8.0.15157.  Renditioner Pro v3 (2.3.00000-2.4.00000-8.3.00000)


* November 28, 2012, 03:07:19 AM
By the way what is up with the security questions here? It took me several image request before I could decipher all the letters and several attempts and refusals on the question. Apparently 2 is not between 1 and 3 and the sky has to be red. Am I missing something here?  ???


November 29, 2012, 03:35:34 AM
Sorry, I missed this when it came up.  The navigation is something a few of us experience and most do not.  I wish I knew the answer but for now it's something not replicable by the development team.  I will keep at it to get a solution, just not sure when.

The background issue should be easily worked around in gimp or photoshop by having a simple single colour background and then selecting/deleting etc, I noticed this works better when the resultant image is saved as a .png file.  The navigation of the registration process is something that is not ideal but also not something to change fow now.  There might not be an obvious reason or apparent signs on the forum but, the amount of spammers and bot attempting to access the site is something I cannot get my head around.  This used to be a small problem but has exploded recently with up to one hundred bots/spammers attempting sign up in a single day.  Not something I like having to deal with.

There are many items in the development waiting list and this will be one of the finest render programs around when they arrive.

Chillblast PC
i-7 3.07ghz 64 bits system.
nvidia GeForce GTX 460 1gb Graphics Card.
16Gb Ram.
Win 7 64 bit.
Renditioner Pro v3 (2.3.81851-2.4.81818-8.3.80994)

* November 30, 2012, 12:33:15 AM
Thanks for the reply Mike. I think I may have a couple of workarounds. I'll try them over the weekend and post back if results are promising.


* November 30, 2012, 07:11:06 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I will discuss with development.


* December 02, 2012, 02:11:39 AM
Following my earlier post, here are two workarounds. I am afraid they apply only to owners of a Wacom drawing slate. Most Sketchup users work with a mouse, however plenty of Sketchup users use other graphics software as well for which they may own a slate. So if you are one of those and suffer from the Renditioner 'extreme high gear' navigation syndrome this might be for you.

1) If you own a recent generation Wacom

Built in to the Wacom control panel is mode called Precision Mode. You can map this to one of the buttons on the side of the drawing slate. In precision mode the cursor is slowed down and can make very tiny precise movements. You can leave your slate in normal mode for all normal usage in Renditioner such as dragging textures and switch to Precision Mode just for navigation. It works fine. I use this in Sketchup itself as well for dragging to precise dimensions. I appreciate that using a slate for 3D is not a usual procedure - most modellers prefer the mouse. However if you have a Wacom for other graphic applications then, even if you don't use it for Sketchup, you can call it into service in precision mode just for Renditioner navigation and use your mouse for everything else.

2) If you own an earlier generation Wacom

This is a less satisfactory workaround as you will not be able to use your slate in Sketchup or Renditioner for normal cursor movement. However if you work with a mouse and have an idle Wacom you can set it up just for Renditioner navigation.

In the Wacom control panel set up a Sketchup specific Wacom profile that is only 'live' when Sketchup is running. (If you don't know how do this it is clearly explained in the Wacom manual. It's very simple.)

Then go to the Mapping tab:
Set mode to Pen.
Select Portion from the Screen Area drop dialogue.
In the new dialogue box drag the screen area handles to create a small rectangle in the centre of the screen about one quarter to one third of screen width and height.
Click OK to return to main dialogue.
In the Tablet Area drop down select Full.

This will produce very tiny movements of the cursor on screen for large movements of your pen. A home made equivalent of the precision mode of the newer generation slates.

When Sketchup is running the Wacom controller will automatically switch your slate to this new mode.
You may find it a bit disconcerting to begin with as you will be unable to move the cursor with the Pen outside the small central portion of the screen. But now you can do everything else with your mouse and simply pick up your pen to navigate in Renditioner.

Note for both methods.

If you have never used a Pen for 3D navigation before then it feels and behaves slightly differently to a mouse - but it only takes a few minutes to get completely used to it.

I don't pretend either of these are ideal, but they DO tame the beast that lurks in Renditioner navigating for some users. 8)

Happy rendering!


* December 02, 2012, 05:23:34 AM
Limited workaround for Renditioner navigation for mousers.

I have found now a purely mouse workaround for Renditioner navigation. But it requires third party drivers.

I have an application called Controller Mate. It can trap the input of a huge range of input devices and allows you to completely re-program what they do. It works by linking up programming blocks each of which performs a particular function. Its a bit like creating a flow chart. Among other things it allows you to re-map mouse speed and acceleration and can apply that re-mapping contingent on a hot key.

Since I have the Caps Lock disabled on my system and never use it I have now assigned it as a hot key that puts my mouse into 'slow motion' precision mode using Controller Mate to re-programme the caps lock and the mouse profile. Its handy for precision mousing when modelling too.

Controller Mate only works with third party USB mice, trackballs, etc. It cannot intercept the Apple Mouse or Magic Mouse as they use internal drivers for which Apple does not provide information to third party developers.

Controller Mate can be found here:  It costs $24.95 and you need to be ready to apply some learning time to be able to use the quite complex programming blocks, so it's not likely to appeal to many of you unless you really like the sound of being able to toggle a precision mouse mode.

So there we are another workaround that is of limited appeal to certain users. It will have to do until something better comes along.

David Mac


December 05, 2012, 02:19:02 AM
Hi David,

Thanks very much mate, appreciate you taking the time to check this out and get back to the forum.  I will see what can be done to make this more widely available in the knowledge base.

Chillblast PC
i-7 3.07ghz 64 bits system.
nvidia GeForce GTX 460 1gb Graphics Card.
16Gb Ram.
Win 7 64 bit.
Renditioner Pro v3 (2.3.81851-2.4.81818-8.3.80994)

* December 07, 2012, 11:09:06 AM
I second Mike's comment. Thanks for taking the time to provide all feedback.