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Parking blues.....
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March 04, 2014, 04:49:43 AM
For those days when parking at the shops is just too much of a chore, get the new Fordski runabout.  With a fully rotating turr, observation device you can see those pesky parking spaces as soon as they become available.  Even if you don't get there first the fully tracked SUV has power to spare making those tight spaces, suddenly much wider than they appeared.  With the optional smoke dischargers covering your manouvres you are no longer a prisoner to those who can parralel park quickly, just nudge, err ease them to the side and continue to your chosen spot.  Armoured to withstand the withering hail of verbiage from disgruntled buggy drivers with a language disorder of not being able to shut up.  Just close those hatches and let rip with a 23mm spud gun.  The prefferred seven week old peelings does the trick of removing stubborn hangers on and parking wardens, err parking charge supervisors.  The fuel economy is a bit of a concern but you will never have to worry about congestion again.  Ever.......
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