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What is the status of the fix for SU 8 Pro?
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* October 15, 2010, 03:12:46 AM

I have SU 8.0.3117 Pro Eng installed in my PC (running Win XP). When I installed renditioner (30-Day Trial full version) I got the error message "Please install GoogleSketchup before installing IDX Renditioner". According to some earlier posts in this forum there would be a fix for this compatibility issue. May I know when it will be released?

Have tried most other biased renderers but it seems renditioner is the fastest and easiest to use, yet its simplicity is not achieved at the expense of essential features for the professional. Unbiased renderers are simple but take too long for a frame, while other biased renderers are either lacking essential features to be useful (e.g. Podium) or being too complicated for beginners. I am eager to get renditioner to work so that I can update and share my home design and renovation progress and knowledge in my thread (already over 950,000 visits by local people planning renovation). It is a pity that interior design services in my country are dominated by V-Ray users and customers usually have to spend at least US$7000 solely for the design fee with photo realistic renders (additional fee for project management). Hopefully my introduction of sketchup + renditioner in my thread will provide a low cost solution for those who can't afford an interior designer and make the concept of interior design more accessible to the general public... so I need to get renditioner work before I can persuade people to design their homes themselves using SU + Renditioner

Dr Chew
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October 15, 2010, 10:26:10 AM
As soon as possible, you could always use sketchup v7.1 until the fix is available, nothing wrong with that approach and it will keep you productive until release of a v8 compatible product.

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