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IDX Renditioner Full can't find SU on Windows 7
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* February 18, 2011, 07:21:43 AM
Hi there.

I've searched the forum and found problems similar but unable to find a solution.

I purchased IDX last year and I run Google sketchup pro 7 (version 7.0.8657). I've been trying to install IDX on my laptop (I am studying abroad my last semester so my desktop isn't with me). I've tried a number of times to install IDX, but it always tells me that "You must install google sketch up before installing IDX". I currently have SU7 in the program files(x86) directory, so I tried installing it also in the program files directory, trying again, but to no avail. I even downloaded and installed SU 8 in program files(x86), and in Program files, trying to install IDX after each install respectively. Nothing seems to show IDX that SU is installed and I am at a loss. I tried to run the install "as administrator" without change of results.

I did however just realize on my email receipt of purchase the version says for XP and Vista. (When I purchased my desktop I use XP , but having bought his laptop in December there's nothing I can get other than Win7.) Does that mean I have to buy another version of IDX for Windows 7 if I want to use it on my laptop?

I have a serial, customer, activation, and order numbers if any of those would be of any use.



February 18, 2011, 07:37:26 AM
Renditioner v1.1 for pc will run with sketchup v7, renditioner v1.2 will allow functionality in sketchup v8 and this is the only difference.  There is no requirement to buy another license to run renditioner v1.2 as it is an upgrade.

Mac users are experiencing issues with renditioner v1.2 which to my knowledge do not exist in the windows version.

Renditioner v2 for pc has been released and is available for purchase as a new product I do not know of any upgrade deals etc so you are better off looking on the IDX web site.

As far as serial, activation and order numbers go they are irrelevent here as we are users and not employed by the company.  If you need to use those you will need to go to the customer service link on the idx web site.

Chillblast PC
i-7 3.07ghz 64 bits system.
nvidia GeForce GTX 460 1gb Graphics Card.
16Gb Ram.
Win 7 64 bit.
Renditioner Pro v3 (2.3.81851-2.4.81818-8.3.80994)

* February 18, 2011, 11:32:30 AM
Upgrade pricing.

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