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post processing for our images pt.2
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March 18, 2011, 03:27:04 AM
Hi again Mike here (again this isn't an endorsement for Adobe Photoshop, I use CS4 ).

1. This is a color correction tip (some of our images don't output the way we want them "colorwise"):
Open the image/photo. Then, Image>Adjustments>Curves (or Ctrl/cmd + m for PC and mac, respectively).
Upon opening the curves panel you could see 3 eyedropper icons. Double click the first (eyedropper) icon (represents the shadow), on the RGB fields enter the ff: R=7 g=7 b=7 then click ok to save. Double click the second (eyedropper) icon (represents the midtone), on the RGB fields enter the ff: R=133 g=133 b=133 then click ok to save.  Double click the third (eyedropper) icon (represents the highlight), on the RGB fields enter the ff: R=245 g=245 b=245 then click ok to save. Click ok to exit for now (you'l get a warning press "yes" (this results to a permanent preset unless you amend it later). Open the curves again (if it's closed), press the first eyedropper icon and point to the photo where there's supposed to be black (or the darkest). Press the second eyedropper icon and point to the photo where there's supposed to be neutral gray. Press the third eyedropper icon and point to the photo where there's supposed to be white. That's it, well if you don't like it just press ctrl or cmd+z to undo and start all over. No need to do the first several steps since I stated them to be permanent.

2. This may seem a color correction but i isn't. Were punching up the colors big time to make it look better (for outputs looking drab and lifeless):
First, open our image/photo. Duplicate that layer by pressing ctrl (pc) or cmd (MAC)+j (i'm a big fan of duplicates hehe). Then go to Image>mode>LAB (it's alright no colors will change). Then, Image>Apply image. On the blending either set to overlay ( a more intense approach) or soft light (for a more subtle effect) then press ok. Go to Image>RGB to return to the default color model. Adjust the duplicated layer's opacity as needed. Also try masking for selective editing. Or simply use the Vibrance tool  :)

Bdw, this is my final settings for my RGB management. Edit>convert to profile>adobe RGB (works best for me, seems to lessen a subtle white overlay over photos); or SRGB (for web as some claim has no color management), or Apple RGB (for MAC).

Thanks, feel free to correct me anytime if there's some error.